Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ruby Wang Wallpaper

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  1. "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes"

    Hey! Do you know what you are?
    You're an asshole!

    Some of you might not agree
    'Cause you probably likes a lot of misery
    But think a while and you will see...
    Broken hearts are for assholes
    Broken hearts are for assholes
    Are you an asshole?
    Broken hearts are for assholes
    Are you an asshole too?
    Whatcha gonna do, 'cause you're an asshole.. .

    Maybe you think you're a lonely guy
    Maybe you think you're too tough to cry
    So you went to The Grape,
    Just to give it a try

    And Dagmar
    Without a doubt, the ugliest sonofabitch I ever saw in my life
    Was his name...
    One Two Three Four!
    The whiskers sticking out from underneath of his
    Pancake make-up
    And yet he was a beautiful lady
    Nearly drove you insane
    Let's talk about Leather: LEATHERRRRRR
    And so you kissed a little sailor